Priest who had orgies and slept with 13 parishioners returns to church

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A shamed priest who attended orgies organised by a defrocked clergyman has been allowed to return to the Catholic Church after living in a ‘reserved way’ among the poor for a year. Father Roberto Cavazzana, 43, picked up a number of devoted followers thanks to his charismatic sermons in Carbonara di Rovolon, a town near Venice, Italy. He became famous in Italy in 2017 when he gave spiritual guidance to TV presenter Belen Rodriguez who described him as a ‘modern priest’ and a ‘handsome and nice man’.

Father Roberto Cavazzana, 43, has been allowed back into the Catholic church after having sex with a number of his parishioners 

But his clean image was destroyed after he admitted to having sex with 13 of his parishioners and taking part in group sex parties organised by Father Andrea Contin, who was later expelled from the church. Father Contin, 50, reportedly filmed the orgies in which bondage equipment and sex toys were used.

An investigation was launched into the priest’s behaviour after three of his former lovers went to the police with their allegations.

When they searched his home in Padua they came across a stash of home-made pornography and sex toys. Two of the women Contin had sex with are understood to have gone to him after their marriages broke down.

TV presenter Belen Rodriguez, who sought spiritual guidance from the priest (Picture: Getty) 

Instead of providing guidance to them he allegedly seduced the women and pressured them to take part in ‘extreme sexual activities’. According to the Times he also offered their services through a wife swapping website.

Contin was eventually exposed after he was reported to the police by a 49-year-old woman he had taken to a French nudist resort. It is understood he filmed her having sex with Father Cavazzana. He has reportedly now been allowed back into the church following a period of reflection.

He confessed to taking part in orgies organised by Father Andrea Contin, a priest from Padua (Picture: Wiki/ threecharlie) 

Claudio Cipolla, the bishop of Venice, said he would forgive Father Cavazzana ‘like a father’ and he was taking inspiration from the ‘mercy of the Lord’. Maria Elena Sinigalia, the village mayor, added: ‘We are not talking about paedophilia so we are calm. ‘You need to distinguish between the man and the priest and Don Roberto is a good priest. We hope he comes back soon. We are ready to forgive him.’

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