My baby boy died at just 11 days after we were both struck by killer condition

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Regena Grewal's newborn son Aaryan James contracted the disease when she was 38 weeks pregnant

Little Aaryan died after contracting sepsis in the womb

Mum Regena Grewal was sobbing her heart out as she told doctors they had ­permission to let her stricken baby die.

And her grief was made more acute because 11-day-old Aaryan James had a condition millions of parents know nothing about.

He died after both he and Regena contracted sepsis – which causes the body’s immune system to attack its vital organs.

Regena, 27, said: “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

“We came back from hospital and had to dismantle his ­wardrobe and ­changing ­station.”

Mum Regina had no idea she had sepsis until she developed flu symptoms at 38 weeks

Regena also had to explain to her son Kyran, now three, why his baby brother never came home last September.

She said: “We told him Aaryan James was a star in the sky.

“For a few months, every time he saw a star he’d shout out his brother’s name. It was so sad.”

Sepsis is the No1 cause of ­maternal deaths in the UK, ­responsible for a quarter of ­fatalities of pregnant or new mums. Yet, like many, Regena had no idea what it was when she first became ill at 38 weeks.

An accounts administrator from Wolverhampton, she was relaxing with husband Dilraj at a spa in Crewe when she ­developed flu-like symptoms.

She was rushed to nearby Leighton Hospital , where ­doctors told her she had an ­infection. They delivered Aaryan by emergency caesarean.

Both mum and baby were placed on antibiotic drips. Three days later blood tests came back normal and they were sent home. But after another three days Regena had muscle aches, fever and breathing ­problems and was taken to Wolver­hampton’s New Cross Hospital.

She was told she had sepsis. Still bonding with her new baby, she asked for him to be brought to her bedside. He looked pale and was not feeding properly.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” she said. “I’d fallen asleep and woke up hours later.

“Aaryan James was still out of it. When I picked him up his arms were all floppy. Doctors took him to the special care unit but when I went to see him he was in high dependency. Seeing him hooked up to machines… I collapsed.”

Regena was told Aaryan had also developed sepsis, which kills 44,000 people every year.

Sepsis in babies usually occurs in the first seven days. More than seven in every 1,000 babies pick up infections that could lead to the condition.

Aaryan was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital but doctors could not save him.

Regena said: “I couldn’t take it in. Dilraj and I just screamed and cried. We were helpless.”

Today she shares her story, suported by Dilraj, 32, a sales manager, in the hope of helping other parents recognise sepsis.

Regena said: “People need to be aware. I’d urge parents with any doubts to get medical help.

“I never knew what it was until I lost my little angel. ”

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